Yeaaaaa, team

Thetford 279I have always thought of other trail runners as members of my team. They love getting dirty, dodging rocks and trees, and being free, just like me. As a team mate, I want them to succeed because I know their success will ultimately mean success, and better conditions, for us all. The recent growth of trail running is great, the increased exposure and people joining in, is awesome. Those of us who have been out there for years are seeing a lot of new faces. To those new faces, my new teammates, I would like to offer a few tips that will keep our experience of trail running a great one.

Please yield the right of way:

If being passed by a faster runner, let them go by. If approaching a slower runner please ASK for the right of way. Bikes, and dogs do not have the right of way but horses do. In any event if you are crashed into by any of these objects, you will no doubt loose. Yield to a downhill runner who can’t stop quickly. To be kind, yield to an uphill Mountain bike. They are enjoying the outside too, and it will be extremely hard for them to restart going uphill.


There are no street sweepers on the trail.  A pocket or the inside of your underwear is preferable to leaving your mark.

Remember this is the wilderness:

If you’re running in a group, identify a specific spot that everyone knows to
meet about half way out. If someone doesn’t show, go back and look for them.
Never run alone. If a new trail runner shows up to the group, keep them in
the group.  Organizing search parties for lost comrades is hard work and easily avoidable.

Be Self Reliant:

Bring your own water and nutrition. A small first-aid kit in your pack is
always a good idea.

Remember Vegas:

Running outdoors can be very therapeutic. All running partners become
therapists. People will share things with you while running that they would
never share at a dinner party. Remember Vegas, what’s said, or happens, on
the trail should stay on the trail. 🙂


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