Willy make it?


Will power, some have it, some not so much.  If you believe you are more aligned with the second category, take heart, research is proving that you can produce short term improvements in self control.  Research is also showing that making decisions depletes will power, the more you make the less you have.

Here are 4 quick ways to motivate yourself and boost will power.

  • Think about that person you know who has great will power and sets a great example the association will set off the emulation process.
  • Believe in yourself, and take responsibility.  Taking responsibility will postpone the depleting effects of exerting will power.
  • Revisit your motivation.  If something is really important it will be easier for you to execute.
  • Making decisions has a depleting effect on will power.  Your training plan will have a predetermined decision,  there will be no need to argue with yourself and your will power will increase
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