Achieving goals is the fabric of happiness.

kasia and cindy 5kI believe that people need to be challenged to be happy.  The bigger the challenge the better the reward.  Notice I did not say “the bigger the reward”, I said “better”.  When people ask me “Mac why do you set such hard courses in your events?”  I refer to that last statement.

I believe people want to be challenged, I believe people come to my races because they know that challenge is there.  I believe people are racing for more than the t-shirt. It’s a difficult thing to challenge yourself beyond normal.  If you want to run 5k, you put on your shoes in the morning and run out the front door, if you want to be challenged beyond normal, you come to a YES race.  I know, that is EXACTLY why you give me $40 to participate in my races.  I will challenge you, I will support you, and when the time comes, when you are having that YES moment, I will help you celebrate.

BTW:  Do you know why we call ourselves YES?  I have been a track & field coach and an event timer for over 20 years. I have seen many people cross the finish line and achieve their goals.  I hear one word at that moment more than any other, it’s a very happy word for me.

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