Where are my glasses?

DestinationWe rarely see things as they are, we only see things as we are.

You know why some people hate runners?  It’s not the running they dislike, it’s the fact that by doing something, runners are showing them something about themselves.  There is so much truth to the statement “misery loves company”.  When you’re running you are no longer being boring with them, and they hate you for it.   

There are two types of people in the world, doers and watchers.  The doers always seem to be happier than the watchers.  Why?  The doers have influence over outcome, whereas watchers do not, they only watch.  Having no influence over outcome makes us stressed, and ultimately very hateful.  Look no farther than soccer fans, and their penchant for post match violence, to be convinced.  Watchers think that they are doing something, like wearing the lucky shirt, so they do understand the doer concept, but they fail to accept that what they believe is not affecting outcome.

My friend spends his free time watching TV, he constantly flips channels and when he does find something to “watch” he constantly picks apart the plot and even yells at the actors, as if he is going to change something.  You know why he is so critical?  He’s bored.  TV’s purpose is to keep you doing nothing, and watching, so it can sell you things.  In the mean time, it is silently pissing you off. 

Do you want people to like you?  The world is only going to like you for what you can do for them.  If you save a child from drowning you’re a hero and everyone loves a hero.  If you watch someone save a child from drowning, even if you’re the nicest guy in the world, you’re a spectator and you don’t even get noticed.

Do you want to stop being pissed off, and boring?  This one is easy.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hope you have a friend that is a runner.  Stop watching and start doing.  Put down the remote, put on your shoes, go outside, walk, run, or get on your bike.  The world will be less stressful, because you will now have an effect on outcome.  Have fun.

I can sit upon this mountain top and view all Gods creations.  It matters not that I am here.  What matters is how I got here.

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