What’s in it for me?

529863_10150711874958019_310775168018_9508003_164802787_nI always get happy when I hear peoples reasons for running.  I am sure I have heard as many stated reasons for running as there are hours in the year.  Some noted comments were: I like the feeling of accomplishment, I like communing with nature, I like staying healthy.  I believe everyone of these reasons no matter how admirable, are attached at the hip to the reward.  Do you want your friend to start running with you?  Give them a reward that they can understand and relate to, not your reward, help them find one of their own.  Rewards are very personal, shit my dog Rudy thinks a dry biscuit is a reward, but it makes him happy, and it keeps him running with me.  

We do everything seeking the payoff.  We don’t play the lottery because we want to give our money away.  We don’t go to work everyday because it’s fun, we do it because we are seeking the reward.  You can easily see that if you tell your 50 kilo mate that you are running because it’s a great way to loose weight, it’s not going to motivate him, where’s the reward?  You probably know your friends motivations as well as your own, why not use them for him, instead of against him?

Now as for me, why do I run, and why do I keep running, what is my reward?  IT’S FUN.  Running is freedom, and freedom is fun.  When running you’re not tied to the desk, you’re not listening to the phone , your not on the internet, and you’re not listening to anyone tell you what to do.  You’re just running, and that’s fun.  My reward gives me a great feeling, but if it weren’t for running, I could easily find other ways to seek my reward.  I have done so, and it has lead to quite a bit of misunderstanding, and grief, I might say. 😉

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