DSC_0024If I had one wish, it would be to have the ability to communicate verbally with the rest of the world.  To speak and understand every language.  Think of the possibilities and the opportunities such a wish could grant me.

It is often times not necessary to speak to communicate, in fact studies reveal that 90% of communication is body language.  That fact is never so evident as while running in a group, or with a person, that can’t communicate with you verbally.  I have been very lucky in my life.  I have had many opportunities to travel to, and run in, really great places around the world.  I have shared trails, and roads, with runners whose native languages were Swahili, Chinese, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Polish, French, Jamaican and Canadian “eh”.  I have found that in every corner of the world, while running with complete strangers, that even though we didn’t share a common spoken language that we did share the language of running.

The language of running is universal in the respect that it does not require verbal communication, it may be the closest thing we have to mental telepathy.  Experts say, being tired, sick or depressed makes psychic perceptions, difficult to achieve, and mistakes or misperceptions occur.  I believe that while running we are experiencing the exact opposite of these symptoms, and our systems are keen to a telepathic experience, making it possible to speak without saying a word.  It may also be the fact that while running we all share the same physical experience, and that experience sharing makes us more aware of what the other people around us are feeling or thinking, I don’t know.  I am not sure why all this non verbal communication  happens, but denying that it does would certainly make me less open to running in foreign places, where people don’t speak English.

Perhaps in some small way, I have been granted my wish of universal communication, and Addidas, and Montrail are my translators.  What do you think?

Asante Sana

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