The jog needs to go out

002I have recently been intrigued by other bloggers, with the thought that you can change yourself and your habits by doing something different for only 30 days.  Yep, 30 days from now you could be a different person.  Stop smoking, no coffee, nuclear physicist, become a runner, what every you want is there for the taking.  

Let’s try something easy first.  In 30 days I want change my habits enough to run in the community 5k.  Lets do it together, here is a chart for the video game player, or other sedentary person, who wants to enjoy a better life, and the outdoors.  I call it Walk the Jog.  You can see that the chart is 15 weeks long, I give you the option at 28 days, to decided if you want to race in the community 5k, or go back to the Void.  I have included the next 10 weeks because I believe in you, and the 30 day challenge.  Let me know how it goes.  Who knows, maybe next we can change the world with cold fusion.  With this, as with any exercise regime, consult with your doctor if you believe participation could be a health risk.  

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