The Company We Keep


SoaringAttitude is infectious.  The company we keep has a profound effect on our own perception of events.  It is no secret that if you hang out with people who are putting everything down all day, you walk around with a bad attitude all day too.  I believe this is why running with a group or running partner is such a popular past time.  The success of Ragnar and other relay races can be quite a psychological boost.  If you want to change in a positive manner, your first step will be to look at those around you, they do have the ability to drag you down with their rhetoric, or boost you up with their inspirational language.  Negative people will tear down those around them in an attempt to elevate their own position.  If you get in the way look out.  Surrounding yourself with those people who live on their own victories will have you looking for victories of your own to brag about.  Not as easy as it sounds but this simple thought could change your entire life.

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