Tea gives me a headache

017This morning when I awoke I went out to the kitchen; I pulled my coffee maker out from its corner, very clearly and eloquently I said “coffee”.  Some time passed, I went to the cupboard retrieved my favorite mug and went to the pot, there wasn’t any coffee.  I thought how odd that my verbal request went unfulfilled.  So I pulled out my zombie phone, and repeated my request with a text message.  Felling quite sure the pot had received my text and had taken some positive steps to fulfill my request; I returned to said pot and found no coffee.  Not one to be easily defeated, I went on FB and posted a note on its wall, explained how I felt about its ignoring me, and waited for a response.  Later, I decided to have orange juice.

I started to wonder, am I the only one that does this?  Or how many times in life do we all repeat this scenario trying to fulfill our goals?  We continually ask for what we want.  We communicate through social media, we use every technological gadget at our disposal, and we continue to be unfulfilled, because we refused to believe, or misunderstand, that solving our dilemma requires a small bit of action.

Thanks for your patience, now on to the point.

The health care crisis we are experiencing in our country today is another fine example of talk vs. action.  We ask the powers that be for help by legislating laws that force hospitals and HMO’s to regulate costs.  We write our President emails, we text our congressman, we write scathing remarks on FB and none of it works.  Why can we not realize that controlling the cost of health care begins with us?  If we all did something and took some action the cost of “sickcare” would come down.  Half of us are fat, many of us are obese, and diabetes is epidemic, joint replacements are necessary, heart disease is at an all time high, and the coffee is not making itself.  Sending a text is not working!

Engage yourself, become healthier and the cost of “sickcare” will mean less and less to you.  99 out of 100 doctors agree that “getting off your ass will improve your health”.  Ride your bike, go for a walk, lift weights, ski, play with the grand kids, and see if you don’t feel better and begin to live a healthier life.  Now as for me, I’m going put some coffee grounds and water in the damn thing and see what happens.


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