Sir Issac, that’s Mr. Newton to you.

Not being one to trust first impressions when it comes to running shoes, I always give them a second, third, and sometimes even a 50th chance.  I will not review a shoe until I have run through them.  Literally.

Because I was coming off an ankle injury in late September I began thinking about a shoe with a little less heal rise.  I did research, ordered, and was pretty excited when I received my new Newton / Momentums.  I never buy shoes because they look good, but you must admit these do qualify as stylish.  They even look better with all the mud 🙂 

If you are going to buy Newtons read the literature before you go out on a 10 miler in them.  Even though the directions, yea this shoe came with directions, told me not to, I put them on, and went off on a short 10k on the trails.  I am somewhat of a toe runner, so the profile of the shoe didn’t bother me, but I must admit descending the first few hills did seem a bit different.  Overall, I found them to be light, stable, and responsive, in fact they became one of my favorite shoes for the winter.  The unique tread pattern worked nicely on the snow covered trails.  I have over 300 miles on this pair and the treads still look, and respond, like new.  They were good to go everyday because the light uppers dried quickly.  That light upper, in my opinion, wore out rather quickly in winter conditions.  I’m not sure if that was from running in the snow, and wet conditions a few times a week, or if there is a weakness.  I’ll let you know after I run through a pair in consistent dry conditions, and see how they hold up.

Overall I give the Newton / Momentums one thumbs up for comfort, stability and lower durability.  The other hand is still firmly in the pocket due to the questionable performance of the uppers.

Final tell:  Would I buy them again?  Yes, but with crossed fingers for luck on those uppers.

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