On skipping the first step.

Thetford 1541When we have finally decided it is time for change or time to make a commitment to our health with an exercise regime we can’t wait to get busy and involved.  We immediately go to focus groups or magazine articles and dive in.  But for insights to make an impact and stimulate people to generate success something more is needed than interesting stories and nice pictures.  All of this is valuable, but only in due time and after some reflection has taken place.  This type of behavior is kind of like plunging into the pool without checking the depth of the water.  In doing so we have created, a potential for, our own failure by missing the first and most crucial step.  Discovering the real goal, or the why am I doing this?  Lose weight, get in shape, improve my health, run the Ironman?    What are we aiming for, do we understand what the challenge really is and what insights would help us generate better results.  These are generic questions every person should start with asking and use the answers to direct their future actions.

Your life fits into a nice little package right now, to make a commitment to change you will need to ask yourself a few important questions.  Write down the answers, and use them to direct your future actions. (I know, I already said that, but that is the crucial step).

Use your answers to direct your future actions.  

  1. Am I being realistic?
  2. What are my time constraints?
  3. Will I need help?
  4. What happens if I miss a work-out?
  5. What do I do in case of injury?
  6. How will I change my diet?
  7. Who will my training partners be / and not be?
  8. Will I be able to get the necessary rest?
  9. Will I give up if this gets too hard?

I hope all this makes you think.  Answering these questions, and writing the answers down, will help you develop a success plan and your own philosophy about achieving your goal.  Otherwise you are just diving in, and reading a blog post or magazine article.  Good luck…Mac

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