Now that’s funny

xc 0669I do not make it secret that I promote and host my own series of races.  Don’t worry I’m not going to blog spam you.  I am however, going to offer you some humorous insight about my job as race director.

Here are 10 funny questions racers and sponsors have asked me during my last 7 years as a race director.

They were all answered with sincerity and a straight face.  🙂

  1. At the timing kiosk:  From a chipped 5k participant.  Will the 5k be timed?
  2. Can I pay you to get my logo on your t-shirt?
  3. What time does the race start?  Published on every single piece of promotion out there.
  4. Can I leave my street shoes in my car while I’m running?
  5. Asked during a 5k:  Do you have a cut off time for this race?
  6. Asked during a 50k:  Can you leave my medal on my windshield if I don’t make the cutoff?
  7. If Avia is the sponsor can I still wear my, Asics?
  8. Asked during a one mile sprint race:  Where are the aid stations?
  9. From a potential sponsor:  Do runners drink beer?
  10. Best one ever, and this one has actually been asked several times?????  How long is the 5K?

“The prior questions do not depict any actual person or event?”

Have fun.  See you at the races..Mac

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