Next Play

Every time Duke University’s highly successful college basketball team completes a play, its legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski yells out “next play,” regardless of how well things went. They don’t over-celebrate successes, and they don’t dwell on failures, either.

They don’t dwell on failures.  I’m sure that is easier in a fast paced basketball game where the pace dictates attention to the here and now, but what of the rest of us who have much time to reflect?  

I often times tell athletes not to forget their failures, because we ultimately learn more from failure than success.  Not forgetting is different from dwelling.   Dwelling is all-consuming and detrimental to progress.  Dwelling or ruminating will kill your performance.

Ruminating is often a sign that you lack faith in your own abilities. To break the cycle affirm your good qualities, revisit your goals, and don’t negatively  “yes but” yourself.  Every negative thought that follows “yes but” is trash talk and only perpetuates the dwell.

Learn from Coach K and get on with your “next play”.



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