Mine stomach don’t feel so good.

Beijing Friday 386aaNobody loves lactate threshold work, or speed days, but they are a necessary evil if you want an improvement in speed and power.  This little work-out will help you improve your LT, and increase your power, if you live through it.  Just kidding, you will live, but you will wish you were dead before it’s over.

Go to the track and warm up 2k at an easy pace.  Now the fun part.  Sprint as fast as you can for 200 meters with your watch started and stopped at the appropriate times.  No matter what your time was, add 5 seconds to it, you now have your baseline number.  Let’s use this example;  you ran 200 meters in 30 seconds and then added 5 seconds, you now have a 35 second baseline.

Rest for 2 minutes.

The work-out:  Run 200 meters at your baseline time, rest 30 seconds and then run 400 meters at 2 x baseline + 10 seconds, or 80 seconds.

Rest for twice as long as it took you to complete the first set (35seconds for the first 200 + 30 seconds rest + 80 seconds for the 400 meters = 2 minutes 5 seconds)

Always use 30 seconds for your 200 / 400 rest interval no matter what your pace.

Repeat until you vomit. 🙂 kidding again, a beginner should be able to complete 4 sets, if you are more advanced and can complete 8-10 of these, without falling too far off pace,  you should use a 400 / 800 formula and increase your 400 / 800 rest interval to one minute.

It’s not a good idea to go out and try to run these super sets without proper base training.  This work-out, as with any other exercise regime, should be used with common sense.  This work-out will push your maximum heart rate to its limits.  If you are not sufficiently trained, or believe running at this pace could harm you, please consult with your physician first.

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