Instant gratification in only 20 hours.

run outlineI recently read an opinion from a gentleman who stated “anyone can become good at anything in just 20 hours”.  His logic was quite interesting, and the presentation had me buying into his thought process.  He had me convinced that we can get good at anything, not Tiger Woods great but good, if we just stick to our desires, and give things an appropriate amount to time.

I began to wonder how this logic could be applied to running, and started to do the math.  If I currently run a 10 minute mile and I run 30 minutes a day, it will take me 40 running sessions to get good.  A schedule of 5 days a week will take me 8 weeks and I will need to cover 120 miles to to accomplish my goal  to become good at running a 10 minute mile. 

If you are new to running, you may be wondering how long is this going to take?  The realization that it is going to take 2 months of  learning, and dedicated fitness practices, to become good at running your 10 minute mile may be helpful at putting things in perspective.  Knowing how long it will take can give you that needed boost in week 5 when you’re “thinking geez, this is hard and why do I not seem to be getting any better at this”.  Making your first assessment at week 8 may be far more appropriate if you follow the become good at anything in 20 hours theory.

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