I’m still waiting

085Don’t wait for your stars to align.  Reach up and rearrange them.

Tony Robbins is full of shit.  He makes millions on “self-help” as he’s helping you.  There’s an oxymoron there somewhere.  It’s kinda like paying $100. to run barefoot.  Don’t trust the self-help industry to make you happy, when being happy is so damn easy.  If being happy was hard they would teach a class on it at MIT and only engineering geniuses would walk around with a smile on their face.  Want to be happy, try a few of the these methods and, give yourself some time, it wont happen over night.

1. Be in the present.
The only thing you can get from yesterday is experience, and you can not gain anything from tomorrow, spending too much time in either place will only make you lonely and bored.  If what you’re doing right now is too boring for you, do something.  People are most happy when exercising.  Least happy when watching TV.  Why?  Living makes us happy.
2. Buy happiness.
Money can’t buy happiness.  I profoundly disagree, but buying  things can not. Spend your money and time on some experience, or someone, that makes you happy.  I spend endless hours boring people with stories about what I did on vacation.  The t-shirt, or 3 foot tall dolphin shaped driftwood, only serve to bring back the memories of those actions.  Point is, the object reminds me of life, that’s different than having just bought the dolphin at the World store.   Memories of my vacation will last forever, and that makes me happy.
3.” Run” with others
We are social beings It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or introverted — we all need close relationships, regardless.  Belonging makes us happy.  Enough said.
 4. Practice gratitude and don’t forget to say “Thanks’
Saying “thanks” actually has an effect on your psyche.  Knowing that someone else finds you worthy of kindness will make you happy.  Saying “thanks” will validate that it has happened.  Write down something that someone has done nice for you everyday, it doesn’t matter if it’s only someone holding a door for you to enter.  When you need a boost, review all the nice things people have done for you, it will make you happy.
5. Stop believing in the next big thing
New job, promotion, new house, new car, new love interest.  That’s gratification not happiness, learn the difference to become happy.
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