I know you are, so what am I?

001My older brother was always better at things than me.  Ok, he was better at everything. No mater how hard I tried, it was impossible for me to compete with him.  He was better at school, better at sports, better with the girls, he was taller, he was stronger, and I was forever John’s little brother. I had some difficulty finding my place.  It was many years later after I had long since left home, and found endurance sports, that my father came to me, after a long triathlon, and told me how proud he was, that someone in his family, his son, could accomplish such a thing.  At that moment I thought, how awesome, I’m finally better at something than my brother. 😎 I had finally found my place, I was the family endurance athlete.  For several reasons this was the happiest moment of my athletic career.  By sheer coincidence my Mum was able to capture the moment in a photograph.  That photo has hung in my home since that day.  Often times I wonder if that is the very reason I keep pushing to longer distances, and harder challenges.  I am the family endurance athlete.

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