We have adopted these important race guidelines for the conservation of our trails and open space.  They will be published along with our race rules at every venue.

 1.    Race route and timing

The racer route and timing of this race has been adjusted to minimize the impact on the eco system.  In the event that we reach our maximum registration number, runners will be started off in waves to limit the number of people entering the trail at the same time.  Waves will be waved off in 10 minute intervals beginning with the half marathon and concluding with the 5k.    Please note that runners seeking podium positions should come early enough to be in the front of the first wave as all podium positions are based on Gun Time.

2.    NO Littering

Runners are advised to dispose of rubbish only at the designated rubbish disposal areas near the water refilling stations.  Please separate all plastic so it may be recycled at the end of the event. Littering is offensive and carries a fine.  Runners found littering the course will be disqualified.

3.   Self Support

There will be water refilling and aide stations on the course, water and isotonic drinks will be available at every station.  Please refer to the race maps for aide station locations.  Runners are reminded to bring a hydration bag, belt, or bottle.  Disposable bottles are discouraged as they present a rubbish problem.  To ensure proper disposal and accountability isotonic drinks will be given out in disposable cups.  Kindly dispose of the cup in the trash bins AT THE AIDE STATION before proceeding on your run.

Each runner is strongly advised to carry a fully charged cell phone with the race director’s number (435-714-0401) programmed in for safety and emergency use.

4.   Food, fuel and gels.

A limited amount of bananas, oranges and gels will be made available at select aide stations. Please refer to your race map for details.  Bananas and oranges should only be consumed at the aide station so as to avoid attracting monkeys. 🙂 Gel packs and food leftovers should not be thrown on the course, they should be kept with the runner until they reach the next aide station, disposal area, or finish line.

5.   Unofficial support crew or pacers.

You may use a pacer in this race only if they are registered racers.  Racers found using a pacer who is not a registered runner will be disqualified from this race and the pacer my face criminal charges.  Supporters are not permitted to set up unofficial aid stations to give out food and water as this may result in uncontrollable littering.

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