Fake health news?

As you may have noticed we do not use Fakebook or Tweeter.  The reasons are no more complex than the fact that people lie and other people are sooo gullible.  People will share their perfect lives right up to the time they commit suicide because their lives suck.  People will also share anything they agree with, even if those shares have no basis in truth.  Twitter is a garbage hole full of bullies and trolls.  Why do they lie?  It’s easy to lie, and it’s even easier to share someone else’s lie.  Now, public health officials are voicing concern about the amount of made-up health news shared.  If you need some help navigating the shit show, this BBC World Service video may be helpful.  Enjoy, train hard, train easy just get off your ass and train.  Peace

Source: How can you spot fake health news?, Health Check – BBC World Service