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Given the prevalence of people who run to keep their weight in check, I wanted to soap box about, the food industries half truths, and labeling on, what you’re drinking.  Just like a good salesman will do, it’s not the truth they’re telling you, it’s the truth they’re not telling you.  

Single case in point:  Sugar, comes in many forms.  Your body can not tell the difference between fruit sugars and white table sugar, it treats them all the same.  When manufactures label a product Sugar Free or  “No sugar added.” they’re saying “we didn’t add any white table sugar to this product.   No sugar added does not mean sugar free, it means the manufacturer has not added any sugar cane by-products to this drink.  Every time I see this label, I shake my head and sorta laugh inside.  Even the products that we trust, that are not labeled with sugar free claims, and considered good for us are misleading.  Yes, even my favorite replacement fluid contains 40 grams of sugar in a single 270 calorie serving.   Considering one gram of sugar is near 4 (3.8) calories, my healthy drink contains 160 calories (more than half) from the sugar.

If you are going to run to get healthy and you’re keep your calorie intake in check, don’t just read the label, do the math.  You will be surprised what you can learn.

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