Dougie stole my mojo

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil
Mike Myers as Dr. Evil

5 things to help you get your mo-go back

If you have ever lost your mojo or mo-go, if you will, continue reading and you may gain some insight as to how you might get it back.  First understand, mid-point between the start and end of a goal, motivation is at its lowest point.  If you have found yourself at this midway point and are struggling, don’t feel alone, or beat yourself up about it.  It  happens to everyone, one day gung-ho, next day “what am I doing here?”  If you have found yourself staring at your running shoes, instead of using them, one of these techniques, just might get you laced up and out the door.

Be Wonder Woman or Superman:  Make yourself invincible.  Take a wide, expansive power pose, hands on hips.  It will increase feelings of confidence, and power, it can also increase the hormone levels associated with both.  I am Superman, and I can do anything. 

Create small goals and celebrate the victories:  Small victories create more happiness than large acts, because expectation doesn’t exceed reality.   High rewards motivate you, but not when they’re seen as unattainable.  Break the unreasonable down into small reasonable chunks, every little thing you do will bring you closer to your goal. If your long run is 20, try running one mile twenty times.  I have used this technique to get myself through many marathons.  I’m going to run to the next aid station, without walking, is a reasonable goal.

Look at the plan, set a time limit:  Too much freedom, especially in unfamiliar situations, overwhelms and demotivates us.  I want to finish this 10k by 10am, is a great motivator at 8:30am.  Getting things done by a certain time makes us focus on the time, not the task.

Talk to yourself:   Positive self talk helps you stay focused, on task, and makes it easy for you to remember what you’re striving for.  Ask questions first.  “Will I” accomplish something works better than statements like “I Will” to motivate, as long as the outcome thoughts are positive.  Ask yourself the question,”Will I?, and give an appropriate answer, “Yes, I will”, makes you want to prove yourself right.  “I Will”, “Will I?” is defeating.

Ask a friend to work-out with you:  The sad truth is we will disappoint ourselves before we will disappoint our friends.  It’s much easier to get motivated and work harder when you work with somebody whom you trust.  It’s hard to stay in bed when there is a knock at the door, especially when you asked for it.

Now go get’em Austin, the world is waiting for you.

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