Differences you can live with.


My wife tells me I am not crazy, I am just different.  That statement got me thinking about our differences as  runners.  Simply put, there are many different types of runners because people we are all different.

Here is a partial, tongue in cheek, list of running types and what makes them different.  If any of this seems familiar, it’s not meant to make anyone angry, I’m just having a little fun on a snowy morning here in Utah.

Runners who don’t run.  Could be you don’t train more than one day a week, but love to talk at dinner parties about the 6 hour marathon you completed 5 years ago, you may still call yourself a runner, but the rest of us just call you boring.

Runners who train too much.  This guy goes on and on about how many miles he did last week, how he can’t sleep at night,  and his 4000 per day calorie diet can’t help him maintain his weight.  You believe you are impressing us, but in reality we believe there is something seriously wrong with you.  Get a life.

Runners who have too much shit.  There are 12 pairs of shoes in the closet, and an outfit to match every pair.  You probably like to shop more than you like to run.  Enough said.

Runners who choose to throw results at you.  These people can not wait to tell you they are better than you and they have the results to prove it.  Heads up, your constantly reminding me that your running performance exceeded mine is only reinforcing my thought that you believe I am better at everything else in life.

Runners that are mean to others.  If this is you , you are missing the point.  Running is a community of like souls.  If you are finding difficulty in being nice to your own, go home and eat your children.   By being mean to us, you are only alienating yourself.   Yes, we get it, running is competitive, but competition is not life and death, that’s why it’s not called war.

Runners who never race.  Most of us will find it hard to understand this person.  These are my favorites, they run because they run.  No need to verify, no need to impress, no need for results and tattoo’s.  Why do they run? They like it.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like everyone else.- Margaret Mead




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