Coach always liked you better

Everyone has a favorite, and asking anyone what their favorite is, can solicit some pretty strong opinions.  When I was coaching high school sports, I would try and quiet young minds and keep athletes focused, with this simple trick.  It may seem counterintuitive, but I would jokingly tell them who my favorite was.  “Remember Maddie is my favorite”, would often diffuse tension within the group, and keep minds focused on more important tasks.

If I were to ask 10 trail runners “what is your favorite shoe”, I am positive I would get at least 8 different answers.  The shoe question is a personal as what is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?  Perhaps someday we will have a DNA test to tell us what shoe to wear, what to eat for dinner, or what beer we should be drinking to maximize performance, but until then we will just talk to our friends, and the so called experts, and formulate our own decisions.

516yeNdicKL._SS100_I am in no way presenting myself as the so called expert, but as a friend I’m going to tell you what my favorite shoe is and why.

I am not your typical long, lean, lightweight runner, I could be at 5’10” 170  described as compact.  I have a very high arch and a short, wide foot and tend to be a fore foot striker.  I therefore need a shoe with lots of control and stability, my shoe of choice the Montrail Mountain Masochist is named after a trail race and is in no way reflective of my running attitude, has tons of both.  My flipper feet, ankles, plantar fascia, and Achilles tendon have taken a beating in lesser shoes, but I have not had a single ankle crunch, blister, or Achilles problem wearing this model.  I’m sure the fact that this one never let me down, is what keeps bringing me back.  It is definitely my go to shoe.  The shoe has a last technology referred to Integrafit .   From  “Integrafit correct foot bed geometry provides correct arch support located further back on the foot.  Flex occurs in front of the metatarsals providing full length support for the plantar fascia”.  This shoe also provides a durable, dirt to foot layer that adheres well to wet surfaces, and is super sticky in wet and dry conditions both.  Best of all is that it fits my short wide high arch foot and snug’s up really nicely mid foot and around my arch.  One word of caution, I have found that  occasional asphalt runs have quickly stripped the soles away, so I don’t recommend this shoe for road running.

So the Montrail Mountain Masochist has joined my favorite list and is now in great company with Maddie, Ben, trail running, pepperoni pizza, Fat Tire, Pacific Health R4, and my beautiful wife Kasia.

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